About Me

  • Grew up on the internet
  • Narcissistic
  • Millennial
  • Pseudo-intellectual
  • Dydw i ddim yn gallu siarad Cymraeg
  • Self deprecating as a defence mechanism of pre-emptively defusing possible criticism
  • Loves having white privilege
  • Deliberately puts men in the friend zone because they are too weak to just take what they want (you know she wants it really)
  • No means no (don’t rape women)
  • Doesn’t like Aphex Twin
  • There is a 45% chance I am smarter than you and a 45% chance that you are smarter than me
  • Likes making up statistics
  • Thinks homosexuality is a made up disease like fibromyalgia
  • Unashamedly lazy (I call it being efficient with my energy…)
  • A bit of a hippy but not like in a consumer demographic kind of sense man…
  • Absolutely… loves overusing… ellipses…
  • Anglosphere4Eva
  • Nothing here remains, this road is poison

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